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Monsopiad warrior...bamboo dance...POOoo Keat!
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Monsopiad warrior

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Friday, 21-May-2004 00:00
Post Explorace-Destination Sabah
:-D Tadau Kaamatan......hahahaha, siya pun tida barapa paham bah apa maksudnya, siya rasa, Selamat Menyambut Pesta Kaamatan. Finally, I can squeeze some time to load few pix of Sabah Explorace trips. It is very pack activities, we missed few targeted activities, but still, it is full of fun. :-> Well, full report? Hmmmm, I'll just summarize la, takut time out la.....but here's some sneak preview:

1st day: Wear Explorace shirt, running around airport (lambat) and tahan by security, coz bring in weapon. Arrive at KK, terus ke Monsopiad, Keat & Phillip overdose with Liheng (similar like Langkau). Then, to Dungongan Tamu for hi tea, and watch the preparation for Kaamatan. Nite, we all belasah BBQ, prawns, crabs, chicken, fish, sharks....u name it, Mook's Resort give it! Meet Justin, nice person. :-> , best part? Mooks got no water, so, mandi at Sutera Harbor la, me & Phil (sauna freaks)

2nd day: Okay, heavy breakfast before head to Kinabalu Park. Semua jadi kambing x mandi. And we all start move to Laban Rata, luckily I got small sickness, so, I decide to take porter for my Deuter 40liter (11 kilo dude), Ginsos (porter) charge me RM75. So, the extreme journey starts. We split into 3 packs....1st, the super fast team :-) Uncle, Hongkong, Yatty, then followed by Sepol & Vanessa. 2nd-the cramp dude, Andy, alone with no one in jungle. 3rd pack, super cramp team: Doc, Lawyer, Phill :-S with backups like Bobohizan Yogi, Ginsos and Anthony (bukan orang putih okay)

Kick off at 11am, 1st team arrival at Laban, 5pm, then me (like dead man walking) at 6pm, and finally at 7pm, the rest of super teams. We broke the record of climbing to Laban Rata, the longest hour. :-D I can't imagine, according to others, Doc are screaming like its the end of the world becoz of the cramp pain (jangan marah Ahsan). 8-) At base camp, it was kewl, like in Vertical Limit movie, bersepah Mat Saleh....

3rd day, climb to peak at 2am. Again, the Explorace team were the last team to close the gate. Super Hongkong was the 1st, then Yatty at 7am. Followed by Sepol, me, Ayaz and Ahsan at 730am, the Yogi & X Women Vanessa at 8am. The view was marvellous. :-D Like Yogi said, breathtaking.....(errrrr, kinda confuse, whether it is becoz of the beautiful view or lack of oxigen and not enuff stamina). Yatty got cramp after waiting for us so long on the peak. Well, again, Exploracers close the checkpoint gate, base camp gate and Timpohon gate at 5pm. ;-)

More stories to come later.

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